Asia and America


Recently there were many racist incidences took place in USA, mainly racist attacks. American President Joe Biden, recently visited to Atlanta and made a statement that, American should stop all the racist thought to live a peaceful life in USA. But, In a Spa of Atlanta, there was a big attack took place and eight women died. Out of eight women, six women are Asian. The picture of the incidence spot is as follows

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Further, an Asian women has been attacked while she crossing the road and she couldn’t even open her eyes. Further, a Philippine men attacked from a blade, someone attacked his face by a sharp blade. The pictures are as follows.

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Only in 2020 when entire world is panic with COVID 19 pandemic, there were 2800 incidence took place in USA, most of the reports says that, Ex-President Donald Trump’s certain statements made people to stimulate their racist thought. For an example he used certain words such as “China Virus”, “Kung Flu” and etc. This words made people to think that, the origin of COVID 19 is from Asian region, specifically from China.

Further, a 68 years old Sri Lankan attacked by in Manhattan Train, the person who attacked was Mark Matheui and he was 36 years old. The eye witnesses reported that, was Mark Matheui attacked the Sri Lankan for no reason and he punched his head and face. Within 2 seconds the 68 years old Sri Lankan started bleeding


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