The Story – Fathima Rizka


Fathima Rizka, 9 years old child has been beaten by a witchcraft women to death. Fathima Rizka was living in Kanduboda and her mother took her to a place where witchcraft and demonic work takes place. The mother believed that she has been haunted by a ghost and she needs witchcraft and demonic treatment. Therefore, she took this little girl to a witchcraft and demonic centre. The incidence took place on 28th of February 2021.

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A witchcraft women beaten this little girl from afternoon 1pm to night 10.30 pm. This witchcraft women while beating from a cane, she was keep on saying that, ghost go away, ghost go away. She was beating this little girl for almost nine and half hours. Fathima Rizka was crying and begging not to beat her. But this witchcraft women did not listen to her. At around 10.30pm, the child did not respond to anything, then they took her to the hospital, by that time, she already passed away.

Her father reported to the media and said, she did not have any problem and she was a very active child. There are 14 houses near this witchcraft and demonic centre, each and every one is ready to come to courts and report about the incidence. The witchcraft women and the mother of Fathima Rizka has been arrested by the police

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